Moto Guzzi Club GB  UK club for owners and enthusiasts of all Moto Guzzis, old and new.

Web Forums

Sometimes we need advice from those in the know. Questions asked on all these forums generally get a good response.

Moto Guzzi Club GB official forum. The site has been updated and since then the forum has only been accessible to registered users. You don’t have to be a club member and it’s well worth registering. is a new UK based forum.

Squadra Guzzista is another forum that you need to register to view. A very friendly community. This forum is currently off-line.

Wildgoose chase Guzzi forum is US based but has a strong international following.

The Yahoo Loopframe Group is a great source of help.

Services I’ve used

Powder coating by AWP Engineering, Narberth, Pembrokeshire.

Brake re-lining by Industrial Friction Materials Ltd in Cardiff.

Paint by Pete Chapman.

Rear shocks rebuilt by Robert Haag/Konimon.

Parts suppliers

Gutsibits is based in Huddersfield, UK. A Moto Guzzi specialist carrying some parts for older models. On line parts ordering and quick delivery of items in stock. Also a useful source of secondhand parts.

Motomecca Spares.  UK based, independent Moto Guzzi spares specialist. Online ordering.

TLM Guzzi parts stockist in Nijmegen, Netherlands. English language site and English spoken if you phone. Online ordering is easy and has a used spares department.

Stein Dinse is a comprehensive source for Guzzi parts and accessories based in Germany. On line ordering and English spoken if you phone. Use the on line parts guide to help find parts or search normally with a part number.

Escher in Germany. Their site can be hard to use as you need some German. Google translate’s not much help but they do have useful stuff.

Gawa Guzzi is also in Germany. They have been the only source for some genuine V7Sport parts I’ve needed but their stock is going. Complicated and expensive to order from outside the Euro zone as they insist on payment by bank transfer. No Paypal or credit card payments but you can view the site in English.

I’ve not used HMB Guzzi but it looks like they could be useful. Again based in Germany. On line ordering and English option for website.

Agostini Mandello, Italy are in the same place as the factory and supply parts. However there is no on line search or ordering and I’ve never used them.

Stucci Luigi I have used. Also in Italy, their web site can be fiddly to use but may yield results.

Harper’s Moto Guzzi in the USA is not cheap for us in Europe but sometimes has that elusive part.

I’ve never used Moto International who are also in the USA and stock parts.

Same goes for MG Cycle also in the USA.

Cycle Garden in California specialise in old Guzzis and have had some obsolete parts made. I particularly like the look of their V7Sport seat covers.

Reboot Guzzi Spares is an English Guzzi breaker based in France. Pete doesn’t really cover pre ’76 bikes but sometimes can help out as the parts carried over to later models.

Dell’Orto UK for carburettor parts. VHB carbs are under “vintage”.

Beedspeed International Scooter Spares are also a source for some hard to find Dell’Orto parts as their carbs were used on scooters too! I’ve struck lucky before.

Technical data

Cycle Garden in California have factory workshop manuals and parts lists for the V7Sport (and others) on their website.


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