“Stuff” has been happening – 3 Feb 2018.

I know it looks like I’ve given up posting but let’s just say there’s just been a hiatus.

I’ve continued to be absorbed with family issues but a little motorcycle related time has been had. Hopefully I can get back to normal soon.

Seb’s LeMans has been pretty much totally dismantled for some weeks now and the basic cleaning of parts has taken place and there is now a list of work to be carried out. The workshop looks fairly busy at the moment!

My personal injury compensation following the accident in 2014 finally came through late last year. You might notice a new addition to the garage in the back of the first photo as I’ve spent a little of the proceeds. I can’t get round it at the moment to take you any photos so I’ll just show you these two from the original sales advert.

I’ve never actually owned a British bike having started my riding at a time when Japanese 2-strokes were all the rage. Then I moved to Guzzis in the late 70’s and never looked back. I’ve thought for a while that I would like to own one for at least a short while and started looking just before Christmas. I dallied with the idea of something from the 1930’s but I had some doubts that the small sidevalve bikes I could afford would suit me. I ended up buying this 1954 BSA M33 500cc OHV single with a sprung (plunger) frame which arrived at my place in mid January. It says B33 on it but that’s wrong. I’m not sure what the fuel tank came off and for some reason it’s been fitted with a 21-inch front wheel but it looks the part. I can actually start it although I’ve never had to learn the technique before but haven’t ridden it yet due to the bad weather and the fact that the nipple has pulled off the carb end of the throttle cable. It’s already in bits! Whatever, it’ll be interesting.

I don’t know if you’ll hear much more about the BSA as it doesn’t really fit in here at The Racing Rhino although I might start a “not a Guzzi” section. However, I will post updates about the progress with Seb’s LeMans as well as the continued tales of my long-term Moto Guzzi ownership.



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