Don’t panic! 8 Aug 2018

I had spent some time getting The Racing Rhino ready for the trip to the MGCGB Guzzi Festival in Devon. I’d not gone away on it since the rebuild completed in 2015 and had decided that I’d travel light and go on the V7Sport rather than on The Fire Bike with trailer. The points were adjusted, valve clearances checked and the carbs balanced.

This summer has been very busy and I’ve had to rebuild part of my timber garage/workshop which has rotted badly already. It meant that all had become very disorganised and I was struggling to find things. So I spent a morning trying to restore some order and put the bikes outside to give me room. When I brought The Racing Rhino back in it would only run on one cylinder. There was no spark on the left. I swapped the plugs over on the off chance that it could be a duff plug but that wasn’t it.

The last ignition related things I had touched were the contact breaker points. Perhaps I hadn’t tightened a screw properly and the points had closed up. I’d done 50 miles or so since but that had to be it. I swore quietly as I removed the fuel tank and points cover to take a look and realised what I had done. It was nearly 5pm on the 8th. I was off to Devon on the 10th and I had a family event to be at on the 9th.


The week before, the tank had been heavy with fuel so I’d tried to adjust the points without removing it. It can be done and I had just moved the points cover to one side. When refitted it had trapped the green wire to the coil for the left cylinder almost totally cutting it through in two places. It had stayed in tact just long enough for my last ride but then expired on the driveway. It’s just as well it happened then and not on the way to Devon. That was lucky!

I made up a replacement wire which includes a special connector at the points end. Of course I didn’t have one of these and used a crimp on earth tag which I then cut and filed to shape.


My crimping could have been better on this occasion but did the job.



The little black thing on the wire is some tape to stop it pulling through the securing block on the “distributor”. The original wire had a metal eyelet crimped here.

With everything back together the panic was over.


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