So what happened? 17 Jun 2018.

I realise that it’s been over 6 months since I posted anything! I can’t say this has been because of anything specific. There’s just been lots of other stuff to do. I did virtually nothing in the workshop for months and rarely got out on two wheels which is just not like me. Looking back over 2017, things were busy but not on the ‘bike front. The Racing Rhino was put away over the winter with a coat of ACF50 and the Fire Bike only used occasionally during that time. The salt doesn’t seem to have done it much harm.

My personal injury claim following the accident in September 2014, when the S3 was wrecked, is still unresolved and I’ve just been given a date in January 2019 for a Court hearing. There’s still some chance it will be sorted out without needing to go to Court. At the end of May 2017, I had a further operation on my damaged wrist when all the metalwork was removed. It was done while I was awake. It didn’t hurt but I wouldn’t have minded missing the experience. Despite this the aches and pains are getting worse and the constant need to find work-arounds to get things done is becoming a drag. I forgot to say that the other side finally got around to admitting liability in May last year for the crash more than two and a half years after the event.

I never did get any further with making the tow hitch for the V7Sport. To be honest, I’m struggling with my welding at the moment. I seem to have lost my touch with both my MIG and arc welders. I still intend to complete the job but first I’ve got to get some practice in.

I’m just getting back to spending my usual time in the workshop. There have only been minor jobs to get done. The V7Sport had its MOT test in April and I see that I’ve only managed to do 650 miles since the last one.

We’ve been having a good summer so far and I’ve been getting out more and more to local bike nights and MGCGB meets. I exhibited the Fire Bike at a local show and went away last weekend on it with my mate to The Back to Basics Historic Bike Camp which was held in Essex this year.

Reading back that all seems a bit glum but I’m ok! Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.


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