The hunt for tyres (again) – 1 Nov 2017

It’s been a strange sort of year for me and, although I’ve managed to attend my usual camping and rally weekends throughout the summer, it’s been more through good luck than anything else. Toward the end of the summer family business has meant me traveling from one side of the UK to the other every week or so in the car. This actually meant that I didn’t have time to arrange an MOT in time and the Fire Bike had to be taken off the road for a month. When I did eventually take it in for the test it did pass but, only just! I was given two “advisories”. One for each of the tyres. To be fair the rear tyre was so worn that it could have been failed while the front tyre was just about ok.

I was disappointed that both tyres were so bad. My records show that I’ve done 9732 km on this set of tyres (6082 miles). I realise that many bikes wear their tyres out as quickly if not more quickly than this. Now, the V7 700 is a heavy old beast but it’s hardly powerful and is ridden pretty conservatively. I decided that this time I would try a more traditional tyre in the original 4.00-18 size front and back. Previously I had gone with more modern sticky tyres and a low profile size on the front (see here) when I settled on Michelin Pilot Activs. I already knew that there aren’t many 4 inch front tyres available in the UK so, when I made my list it was a short one.

I cast around for opinions. Some thought that I was just wanting tyres that look in keeping with 45 year-old a bike and there would be a trade off with performance. As it happens, all the tyres available bar one (Heidenau K36) are of an older block style. I wanted feedback on other people’s experiences with these tyres on a loopframe Guzzi. Those who used them said they were fine. This is much what I would have expected as it’s what the bike was designed to run on.

In the end I decided to go with a pair of Mitas H06 tyres. There were a number of reasons. Firstly they were cheap! However, the feedback I got from people running these tyres, albeit on different models of bike and in different sizes, was always positive. I figured that, if they didn’t last well, I wouldn’t mind at the low price and I was assured that I wouldn’t be taking my life in my hands riding on them. We’ll see!


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