No more Photobucket. What a shower! – 30 Jun 2017.

Well folks, Photobucket have changed their terms and conditions without giving me any notice. In the past I have put up with the clunky, interrupted service from them because they allow 3rd party image hosting for free. I received an email today to say that, to continue it will cost me $400 a year for the top price package. None of their other options allow any 3rd party hosting for blogs, forum posts etc.

I won’t be coughing up the cash for this given that traffic to my blog is pretty low. I have downloaded all my photos from Photobucket so none will be lost and, although I see photos are showing in the blog posts at the moment, this won’t last as they will soon cut me off.

Their action has caused a lot of anger in the blog community with some people not even being able to access their own photos or download them.

The upshot of all this? It will take me some time to rearrange the hosting for my photos and to edit all my old posts. Until then you may be met with a lot of broken photo links. Bear with me.

The wider implication is that, when searching the web for information, the photos will be gone. Photobucket has been used to host photos on forums and websites for many, many years. Not everyone will go back to update all their posts.

Other stuff

I’ve got behind and have a number of outstanding posts to write. I recently had a further operation on my wrist and was intending to get up to date while I was unable to ride or work on the bikes. However, I found typing at the computer difficult as well! I’m mended now and have even been away on the bike but, you know how it is…


4 thoughts on “No more Photobucket. What a shower! – 30 Jun 2017.

    1. The trouble is I have been linking to my photos on Photobucket. Already many of the older links have been broken and they’ll nobble them all eventually. I’ve spent this afternoon moving photos to my WordPress media storage. Originally I had used PB as I could post high res photos without using up my allowance on WordPress (and I’d been with them since 2006). This was what PB shouted about as their original selling point!

  1. Select an album in photo bucket and look towards the bottom right side of the page for Album Actions or similar. Then choose “download” – if there are a lot of files it’ll compress them for you. Download the file and you’ll have it in your desktop or laptop.

    1. I’ve done that and got all my photos. I’m fixing the links in my blog and have got as far as April 2016 so far! I’ve deleted all my photos from Pb but some are still showing up which is curious. I’ve also asked to them to delete my account as I don’t have any use for it. If I want somewhere to back up my photos I can use a memory stick. My account has a message to say the account will be closed on 2nd July. i.e. yesterday!

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