The cylinder heads are done – 5 Feb 2017

It’s taken me some time but The Fire Bike is now back together. As indicated last time, I did buy the posh type of exhaust nuts with a lock ring. Here’s one alongside my repaired original type.



Before fitting the new ring-nuts I made up a longer version of the c-spanner needed to tighten them. I didn’t want to have a repeat of the thing slipping and hitting the tank again because of my ham-fistedness!


Some time I’ll thread the hole in the tube and threadlock a grub screw in it so that I don’t need to have the head of the bolt or a nut sticking out but, for now, it worked well.


I removed the rocker covers again to adjust the valve clearances. I’ve written about doing this on my other Guzzis but not the V7 700. I’ll write this up when I have to do it again (after re-torqueing the heads).

Thick rocker cover gaskets were coated in grease and the rocker boxes refitted. I find that by doing this the gaskets last ages.

I went out for a shortish run on the bike today. I had to speed up the tick-over a little to stop it cutting out. It looks like I’ll have to give the bike a good tune up soon.

The other thing that happened was that the voltage warning light, which I fitted when I got the bike, was flashing away showing a low voltage although the bike ran well enough and the original dynamo light never came on. When I got home I let the bike stand for a bit over an hour then checked the battery voltage. 12.95V is good and suggests that the problem was not with the charging system but the voltage warning light so, that’s something else to have a look at.

My trip out had been to buy some “Fiat Racing Red” paint. I’ve got to make good the damage caused by that slipping spanner.


There is a suggestion that the tank was blue once upon a time.


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