Speedometer cable – 23 Sep 2016.

It seems to all be about The Fire Bike at the moment. That’s probably a good thing and hopefully means that The Racing Rhino is sorted!

Anyway, last weekend I attended The Red Kite Camp put on by the South Wales and Mid-Wales sections of MGCGB. I went on The Fire Bike with trailer. I belong to the Mid-Wales lot. All was good and I had a great time but neglected to take any photos.

During the ride-out on the Saturday the speedometer stopped working. That’s not a great issue for me as I also have the push-bike speedo fitted. A few days later I disconnected the cable at the gearbox end and spun the inner with my fingers and the speedo worked. Hmm. I examined the end of the cable and found that the square section had rounded off. I’m not sure why this has happened as everything moves freely.


When looking for a replacement cable I noticed that the same cable is used on the V7Sport. I had a cable with a damaged outer in my box of old bits that might work.

To remove the inner cable from the bike you have to obviously disconnect it from the back of the speedometer which is easy enough. First I had to remove the four allen screws securing the bezel, or whatever it’s called, from the top yoke. The two slotted screws just blank off some holes.


There was just enough room to get my fingers in to unscrew the cable and pull it to one side and to pull the inner cable out.


I compared the cable to the one from my “scrap” box and yes, they were the same. I squirted some oil down the outer cable before inserting the inner which pushed a lot of it out the other end. Once inserted I added some more oil for good measure then reconnected the cable to the speedometer.

I took a good look underneath the bezel to make sure no electrical wires had been displaced by my fumbling about before screwing it back to the top of the forks.


The cable was then reconnected at the gearbox end.

It’s not something I would recommend but, The bike was then started and run in gear on the centre stand to confirm the speedometer was working again. It was.

A couple of days later the bike was taken for its annual MOT test which it passed with no advisory points. The only comment was that there appeared to be an oil leak – it was only more oil finding its way out of that speedo cable!


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