Something extra in the fuel tank! – 16 Aug 2016.

Today I was going over The Fire Bike ready to take it to the MGCGB Guzzi Festival at the weekend. When I moved it and put it on the stand I heard a tapping sound from the fuel tank and was concerned that the stand pipe I added to the left side fuel tap to provide a reserve capacity may have come off.

My old light-on-a-bendy-stick was broken so I got a replacement and peered into the tank.


What you can’t see, but I could, is that there was a length of tubing laying in the bottom of the tank. As it was fairly empty this was tapping on the inside of the tank when the fuel slopped about. I was able to see that my fuel-reserve arrangement was still in place. I managed to hook the pipe with some bent wire until it rested on the tunnel in the tank then picked it out with some long pincers.


It’s a piece of plastic fuel hose about 9 inches (230mm) long and I’ve no idea how it got in there or how long ago but, it’s gone very hard. It’s not something I’ve dropped.


As I say, I’m getting the bike ready to go away camping at the Guzzi Festival with The Fire Bike and trailer. The weather’s great at the moment but the forecast says it’ll rain for most of the time I’m away.


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