Trailer towing – 1 Jul 2016.

This morning I hitched the trailer to The Fire Bike, my old Guzzi V7, and took to the roads. I’ve often heard it said but, “it was like it wasn’t there!” and the braking was fine. I had the opportunity to try it in the dry and the wet! The trailer was empty for my first attempt so that might have had something to do with it.



I’ll have to go in the loft soon to get all my camping gear out. I’ll then have another go with the trailer loaded.

I’m not sure how much wind to put in the trailer tyres. Maximum pressure is 37psi with a load of 175Kg per tyre. As the trailers’ maximum weight is 150Kg, that’s just 75Kg per wheel so I’ve gone with just 18psi for the moment.


2 thoughts on “Trailer towing – 1 Jul 2016.

  1. Hi John, very nice job, I look forward to seeing it at the Guzzi Rally. Do you think the fabricator could make another? as I would like a tow hitch on the Eldo.

    1. Hi Kevin, I’ve got my ticket for the Guzzi Festival already.

      I’m sure he would make another hitch but I don’t think you need anything so involved. My tow hitch was complicated by the mounts for the original Italian military style panniers. I seem to remember you have something different on your Eldo. A basic hitch just needs to be a loop going from the little frame loop above the silencer mount round the back of the bike and to the corresponding loop on the other side. Then you need a couple of stays from the rear seat mount down to that loop on each side. I’m actually thinking I might make something like that for the V7Sport one day – like a Ferrari towing a caravan!

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