Exhaust sealant – 4 Jun 2016.

I had noticed that the exhaust system was leaking around all its joints. There were black sooty marks like this everywhere.


There are exhaust sealants about but I didn’t like the silicone based ones I could find as they are coloured. A week ago I decided that I would give ordinary clear builders silicone sealant a go as I’d heard that this would do the job.

Before I could do anything though, I had to remove the complete system to get the deposits off the chrome exhaust. It took ages to remove that stuff. I tried everything I could think of including cola! In the end I carefully used a variety of scrapers and got the marks off without damaging the chrome.

I then reassembled the system on the bike with sealant in the joints and, once it was all back together, I smoothed it off. It was then left for a couple of days before I ran the engine. It looked like this.


Last weekend I had a run out to a local vintage show and, on my return found everything still looked the same with no evidence of sooty leaks. I need to give it a little longer before I can declare it a success but, so far so good.

Update Jul 2016. The builders sealant did the job. There have been no more sooty leaks and it appears to be able to stand the heat of the exhaust system in these positions. I have had to since dismantle the exhaust and it came apart without difficulty. I was surprised at how well the sealant had stuck to the shiny chrome. I have reassembled the system with more of the same.


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