Llandovery and Llyn Brianne – 8 May 2016.

I haven’t posted anything for a while as I’ve not done anymore work on the ‘bikes. I’ve been rearranging the junk in the workshop which seems to have taken forever.

I have been out and about on both bikes but thought I’d show some photos from my Sunday ride on Rhino.

I rode over to The Owls Nest cafe in Llandovery which has become a bit of a bikers’ haunt. When I arrived I parked up next to one of Rhinos’ old relatives – a Moto Guzzi Superalce from the late 40s/early 50s.




After a bacon sandwich and a couple of coffees I left to explore the upper reaches of the Towy valley. I knew there was an interesting (to me) railway viaduct near Cynghordy about 5 miles or so outside Llandovery so decided to take a look. First I went to Cynghordy railway station to see if there was a train due. There was one coming south in about half an hour so I went on to the viaduct. What a disappointment! It was undergoing renovation and was partially covered in scaffolding. I took a couple of photos but didn’t hang around to catch one of the train passing over it.


I rode on to Llyn Brianne which is a reservoir near the top of the valley. According to Wikipedia “The dam is the UK’s tallest, standing at a height of 300 ft (91 m), and is the world’s largest clay core dam”. No water was coming down the spillway as the weather has been relatively dry lately. However there is an electric turbine house at the bottom of the dam where the water pressure ejects the outfall as a fountain.



I went up to the top of the dam near the bridge over the spillway and had a wander about.



I decided to make my way home via the “mountain roads” to Tregaron. It’s hardly mountainous but the roads are mainly single track with a lot of loose gravel. I stopped at the top of the climb above Llyn Brianne.


Here’s a view without that old ‘bike in the way!


I stopped at The Talbot Hotel in Tregaron for a drink. There were about 50 mainly modern Harley Davidsons in the car park. Members of a French Harley group were being shown around Wales by a Welsh group. We had a short chat and I set off for home.


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