Secure fitting for top box – 7 Apr 2016.

You may remember I bought a large, but cheap, top box for The Fire Bike. It’s not the most substantial piece of equipment and I’ve no idea what it’s maximum weight capacity is. Generally, it’s not very heavily laden but on odd occasions…

It rattles on its mounting plate a bit, especially when it’s empty. The plate is made of a tough plastic including the part the box locks to. The moulded locating hooks on the box are also plastic. There being no metal-to-metal contact concerned me.

My answer was to run a bolt through the base of the box and the mounting plate. I got hold of some plastic wing-nut type handles that fitted the 10mm heads of M6 nuts and bolts. I also found a piece of plastic that I could cut to fit one of the squares in the mounting plate. This is higher than the plate itself so that the box rests directly on it and is not pulled out of shape when the bolt is done up.


I drilled through the block, fitted the box to the rack and marked where to drill it from underneath. Having made my hole I used this arrangement to hold it down.


My wing-bolt and washer goes down through the box and mounting plate into the wing-nut and washer underneath (I’ll look for some even bigger washers or make some). The block in the photo is what goes in the mounting plate and will be glued in place. Inside looks like this.


Underneath it’s like this.


By pure fluke it turns out that the wing nut underneath can’t be removed because it’s obstructed by the hardware mounting the plate to the tubular rack. You have to go inside the box to undo it. This might make things awkward when the box is full and I need to take it off to open the panniers properly. It could also be awkward when I want to take the full box into my tent on camping trips although I’m sure I can live with it. The box feels much more secure now.

The next job was to fit a light unit to the box. It overhangs the tail light too much for my liking. I’ve bought a cheap stick-on LED strip light which combines tail, brake and indicator functions. I’ve got some AMP plugs and sockets so it can be disconnected and the box removed. I’ve already made a start.


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