Adjusting the ‘bars – 6 Apr 2016.

I’ve had to take a little break from the workshop recently while I built a new, stronger garden shed to replace the one damaged by the storms last year. Soon I’ll be able to evict the lawn mower and lots of other stuff to get some space back.

Anyway, I’ve only done 100 miles or so on Rhino since the rebuild. While I am able to fold myself to fit around the bike, I have found that the day after a ride my right wrist, that I damaged in 2014, hurts a bit. I thought this might happen. I’m also not as flexible as I once was!

The V7Sport is fitted with “swan neck clip-ons”. These allow the handlebars to be adjusted up and down. In the past these have been kept near the bottom of their travel.



I decided to raise the bars until they were about level with the tops of the instruments. They could go higher if I slide the headlamp mounts up further. Here’s one up and one down.


You would think that this would all be pretty straight forward. However, raising the bars takes some slack out of the clutch, brake cables and wiring connections so you need to be careful. I didn’t have any problems with the wiring or clutch but the front brake cables became tight and the switch unit in the right hand cable got hung up on other stuff behind the headlamp when the bars were turned.


In the end I had to remove the cables and refit them to get the movement needed. It took some time. The top of the brake switch kept coming off and was a beggar to get back on. I resorted to insulation tape in the end. This looks better and everything works as it should.




I found that the left hand brake cable couldn’t be made to fit while held in place by the cable guides I had fitted. There had been plenty of space before.


Blue pipes.

One thing I’ve noticed is that already the chrome exhaust header pipes are turning blue. That’s fairly normal but the right is a bit bluer than the left. It’s possible that the right cylinder is doing more work than the left. I have balanced the carbs and the bike runs beautifully but perhaps I need to give it another go once I’ve re-torqued the cylinder heads in a few more miles.

It’s difficult to photograph the difference. Right hand side.





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