Mirrors and tyres – 5 March 2016.


I spent some time considering what to get. In the past I have used a bar-end mirror but this has always vibrated badly and, to see what is behind, I’ve had to momentarily shut the throttle. I had temporarily fitted one of the mirrors from The Fire Bike and found  this to be really good. It didn’t vibrate and was just in the right position to see past my elbows. After some time spent on the web, I found an eBay seller who listed a pair of replacement mirrors designed for a Suzuki plus an extension piece and handlebar clamp as a set. Each mirror box contains these;


for Suzuki.


I’ve only fitted one, keeping the other as a spare for now. The extension is fitted in the mirror arm.


It all seems very well made.


This places the mirror in exactly the same place as the one borrowed from my other bike.

More tyres.

Following the successful MOT test I decided to go ahead and order replacement tyres. The Avon Roadrunners fitted to the bike were fairly worn and old (2003). Some people say that tyres are just round and black. Well the back one only qualified on one of those two points in that it was black.

Tyre options for the V7Sport are quite restricted as it has a narrow WM2 1.85in front rim and a WM3 2.15in at the back. Original tyre sizes were 3.25H18 and 3.5H18. Metric low profile equivalents are 90/90×18 and 100/90×18. While others have fitted tyres one-size-up front and back I’m not keen to do so. I have used these sizes without any issues since tyres went metric.

My previous favourite tyre for Rhino, the Avon Roadrunner, is no longer made. The option now is the Roadrider. I have used these on my old S3 (in larger sizes) and found them to be good despite some unfavourable comments having been posted on UK Guzzi forums.

Tyres were ordered from Tyre Tec as they offered the best price. I also ordered Conti tubes to match. The next day delivery arrived and there were Michelin tubes – I like these even more!

I fitted the front tyre. What a fight! Filled it with air to seat the rim and could hear the unwelcome sound of rushing air. I’d pinched the tube at some point. “Oh bother!” I said.

While the front wheel was off I had a look at the brake shoes. They have only been used for 16 miles and look to be adjusted properly as all the shoes are making contact equally and are starting to “bed in”.


I haven’t fitted the other tyre yet as I want to sort out the loose spoke and take another look at the rear wheel bearings. There is possibly a little more free play there than I would like so I’ve bought shims in a selection of sizes in advance. That will be my next post I expect.



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