Finally off the bench – 13 Feb 2016.

I did a few very minor jobs before finally getting the bike off the lifting bench and onto the ground.

Adjust gear lever. The gear lever was hitting the footrest when hooked up to change gear.


Moving it around one spline on the shaft would be much too much. So adjustment was made to the linkage at the back of the gear box.


Side stand stop. Originally, a side stand was an optional extra on V7Sports. The kit comprised the stand complete, a longer front engine bolt and a stop to weld to the lower frame rail. Rhino never had this last bit fitted which prevents the stand banging the exhaust and taking the chrome off. I could welded something on but was concerned about getting it in the right place given that the bike had been fully dismantled.

Instead I bought a 34-37mm exhaust clamp for the stand to rest against. Initially I had intended to slide a piece of hose over the head of the bolt for the stand to rest against.


I held the stand down with a bungee strap after getting a whack  from it at the first attempt.


However, I found the stand and its spring were clear of the exhaust if I just let the stand come to rest against the clamp.


The underseat light was loosened and slid upward so that it now goes out when the seat is down.

Getting the bike off the bench was a bit of a performance. I put my step next to the bench so that I was standing at the same height as the bike then tried to roll it off the stand. The whole bike just slid along until the front wheel went into the wheel clamp. However, by now it wasn’t properly on the centre stand either. With my wife ready to steady the bike, just in case, I clamped the front wheel and tied the bike down by the top yoke with a ratchet strap. I was then able to jack up the bike by the sump and fold the stand up. I think the pivot bolts could do with loosening a little. The bike was lowered again and released from the wheel clamp.





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