Video Proof! 5 Feb 2016.

I have been contacted by a few people asking for a video of the bike running. Oh ye of little faith! This morning I checked the battery to see if it held charge overnight. It did and was showing 12.7V.

The following video is a start from stone cold. The bike is clearly running rich as, even when the chokes are off, there is some black smoke from the exhaust and it smells sooty. The annoying rattle is the wheel clamp to my bench which is why I put my foot on it later in the video.

There are still a few very minor bits and pieces to look at beside the fueling. I need to adjust the position of the gear change lever as it hits the footrest when being hooked up. The under seat light needs to be moved so it goes out when the seat’s down and I want to make a stop for the side stand.


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