Plug leads & headlamp rim repair – 1 Jan 2016.

Well it’s a new year and here we are again!

I needed to make a repair to the headlamp rim which broke when I fitted it. However, before that I made up the spark plug leads. The plug caps are NGK LB05F-R with 5KΩ resistance and I have used these on all my Guzzis. The wires themselves are copper cored with next to no resistance. This is the recommended set-up and other leads can cause problems so I’m told.

I started with the coil end of each lead. Each wire pushes onto a spike in the coil and is secured with a screw on cap and a rubber “olive”.


This all works fine but you have to be very careful not to over-tighten the screw cap. They are fragile, seem to get more brittle with age and are not available separately these days.

The plug caps just screw onto the wires which pass through support brackets bolted to the engine’s inlet manifolds.


Before fitting the plug caps I slid on some off-cuts of breather hose at any point where the plug lead might rub against something.


Having finished the wiring, I pushed the rubber cap over the ignition switch and its mount.


Now the headlamp rim. When I fitted the rim the first time I felt some “give” as I tightened the screw and assumed that the threads had stripped. However, when I took it off to do the headlamp wiring I found that two rivets had pulled out.


I think that they have been eaten away by the acid used by the chrome plater. They might have also had their tops polished off. I tried to replace the rivets but struggled to get them in straight and the hammering hurt my damaged wrist. I gave this up and used the same screws as I did to re-fix the horn grills after chroming. I cut the screws as short as possible because the rim is mounted over the rubber headlamp mounting ring and they will be hard up against this. They take up a bit more room than the original rivets but still fit.

The remaining couple of rivets seem to be holding and I’ve left them alone (for now).




The threads on the securing screw seem to be OK but I added a nut afterwards.



4 thoughts on “Plug leads & headlamp rim repair – 1 Jan 2016.

    1. I’m not sure which hose you mean. The piece of breather hose over the spark plug lead is just to prevent it rubbing on other parts and being damaged. If you need to know more get in touch again. You can use the “contact me” link.

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