Re-wiring, Part 4 (Starting to build the main loom) – 28 Nov 2015

If you remember, I laid out the old, manky main loom on the bench and took off the sleeving and insulating tape so that I could draw my wiring diagram. Now I needed to put it on the bike so that I could examine how it was laid out.



This is what I came up with.

Final wiring loom layout

It’s impossible to see what’s going on in that photo so here’s my pdf document – Final V7Sport wiring loom layout. This can be zoomed in on or printed out as a poster. It’s designed to come out as a 3×3 poster using A4 paper but 3 sheets should come out blank. It’s the only way I could get it to work with my printer.

The first thing was to go back to the old loom and measure for the main sections of sleeving and to mark where groups of cables need holes to exit. The various individual wires could then be threaded through and temporarily held together in bunches with smaller diameter sleeving. This gave me my loom, incorporating my modified wiring, but without any terminals fitted.


I now needed to offer it up to the bike to be sure all the wires would come out in the right place and would not be too short. For this to work I needed my replacements for the original fuse box and starter relay in place.

This is the fuse box I’ll be using.


The original fuse box had an internal link. I couldn’t see an easy way of doing this inside the new box.


So I had to produce an external bridge cable. Note the “piggy-back” terminals at each end.



Fuse box fitted to inner mudguard. It’s not as pretty as the old one but is going to be more reliable.


I need a different starter relay and wiring to the original because I’m using a later pre-engaged starter motor.This is the old type relay.


The replacement 40A relay and its connector were fitted to the original bracket. A screw is also needed in the unused mounting hole in the bracket as the rubber cover is held on by latching over the two fixing nuts.



The switch loom was fitted so I can establish where its connections on the main loom need to be.


This loom passes through lower hole in left hand side of the frame gusset.


I went back to my new main loom on the bench and fitted the terminals to the wires which connect to the fuse box. I could then work forward checking the layout of the rest.


Having done this, I felt that the pieces of sleeve were restricting the cables and removed them to give more flexibility.


The rest of the bare loom was fitted to the bike and I checked the length of cables. Thankfully none were too short and all appeared to be in the right place. A few had to be shortened. The main loom is fed up through the other, larger hole in the left side of the frame then up to the warning lights and instrument cluster.



The speedometer and rev counter have been fitted with earth tags.


A small link wire was made to join these to the earth return for the “lights on” warning lamp. I’ll include this when main loom is made up.


More soon!


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