Re-wiring, Part 2 (Charging loom) – 23 Nov 2015.

I thought I would start with the easiest loom first. This is the one that links the alternator, rectifier and regulator. I had already decided I would use 2mm² cable for this.

First I dismantled the old loom with its oxidised wires, cracked insulation and dodgy terminals.



I decided to reuse the body of the three-way connector for the regulator and used a bit of stiff wire to release the terminals. I had bought some “with latches” ready. I also managed to find a replacement for the “long grommet” used where the cables exit the alternator housing. I’ve had this stashed for a while. I think I got it from somewhere in The States.

Copying the old loom was easy but, crimping the connectors was not! I’m still having problems with my damaged wrist and hand. My ratchet tool for uninsulated terminals needs more strength to use than the one for the insulated type and was flippin’ tough going. It was why I had to use those horrible red insulated things when I did some jobs on The Fire Bike a while back. Never mind. I persevered and slowly got the job done then went to soak my hand in cold water!




I added the extra wire as planned in case I upgrade to the later, more powerful alternator at some point – it’s the grey one wrapped in amalgamating tape at both ends. Replacement rotors for the original low-output alternator don’t seem to be available any more.


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