Slowly getting there – 5 Nov 2015.

I’m back again so soon.

Replacement tacho cable.

I’ve actually had this a little while. If you remember, I couldn’t get the cable I had bought previously to fit as it appeared to be too long. Luckily I was right in thinking this was the problem. As you can see, the difference in length isn’t much – 548 instead of 588mm.



The new cable has a small “kink” at the top but now I’m happy with how it fits.



Air filters.

I had taken the air filters off while I fiddled with something else – the breather box I think – so, I thought these might as well go back.


I temporarily hung the rear mudguard and tail light on with cable ties. This is for doing the wiring without the seat fitted. That’s actually everything on the bike apart from fuel tank, fuel lines, seat and wiring.



Wiring is next. I do like wiring!



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