Cracking up? – 31 Oct 2015.

Ever since I have had the Fire Bike there have been some cracks in the left hand side of the fairing. I think that the bike must have fallen over at some time. I wasn’t sure if these had opened a bit lately.



It seemed to me that the mounting bracket “U-shape” that goes against the fairing wasn’t mounted square and might be putting pressure on the fairing and pulling open the cracks.


However, when I removed the hardware on that side nothing “sprung”. I cleaned up the parts and replaced the rubber washers.


I put it all back together again trying to keep the mounting flush against the inside of the fairing. This started off fine but once the fixings were tightened it all moved back to the old position.

I’m not sure what to do about the damage. Cracks which appear on the outside around the top screw don’t appear to penetrate through to the inside. There are cracks around the bottom screw on the inside but nothing much on the front. I’ll have to give it more thought.


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