Instruments – 26 Aug 2015.

Well, I’ve been neglecting this blog. My excuse is that I’ve been out riding although I have done some bits and pieces but not written it up – very naughty!

However, I felt galvanised into doing something as the rebuilt speedo and tach arrived from Speedy Cables today. I had left them for a quote when I took the brake and clutch cables in for alteration. The work was done at a fair, but significant, cost. They have done a grand job. The mounting studs had come adrift from the cases, bezels were dented and you could see a rust stain inside the face of the speedo. The needles didn’t match but I had the original broken Km/H speedo to donate the correct one. They also gave the instruments a general overhaul and I decided to reset the odometer to zero as it wasn’t the original one anyway.

The repaired and serviced instruments are clean and bright and the needles match! They’ve taken the trouble to repaint the cases after securing the mounting studs. They look new.


I put them in their mount which has been refinished. I’ve still got to add the decal for the warning lights but I’m pleased with the result. The chromed plastic rings on the lights are all that lets the side down.


It’s an improvement on how they looked a couple of years ago.


As you can see, the speedo has swapped sides! I can’t remember which way around they should be and it doesn’t really matter.

It’s that time of the year again so, I’m off to the V-twin Rally in Fordingbridge, Hampshire this weekend on the V7 loop which has been renamed after a friend said he had seen me drive past him on the “Fire Bike”. The MGCGB have said that this will be the last V-twin Rally which is a shame. Hopefully they will run an alternative national rally but, if not, there is going to be a V-twin and 2-stroke Rally run independent of the club. There is a facebook page here.

Edit: Sadly, the alternative rally fell by the wayside. However, there will be a Guzzi Festival organised by MGCGB, 19 to 21 Aug 2016. Details here.