That V7 generator belt – 06 Jun 2015.

After mentioning my noisy drive belt and following advice from various people on how to cure it I got no improvement. It insisted on shrieking so, on my return from holiday, I bought a replacement from Gutsibits. I compared the two and, although different makes, they both have the same code – SPZ 737. The new belt seems slightly wider and, lo and behold, the problem seems to have gone. Result.

It’s interesting because the paperwork I received with the bike includes a receipt for fitting a new belt when the dynamo was rebuilt in 2013. It’s done no real mileage since then. I’ve not been out and about that much.

  • May 2012, shown in “for sale” video in Italy  – 43550 Km.
  • March 2013 MOT – 43581 Km.
  • September 2014 MOT – 43621 Km.
  • October 2014 when I bought it – 43634 Km.
  • Now – 44864 Km.

In view of the lack of use, I decided to change the engine and gearbox oils. I don’t know how long they’ve been in there or if they are the correct spec. Thankfully, no nasties were found.

I had been tempted to get rid of the ugly engine oil dipstick/filler but it makes life so much easier and I’ll be keeping it. I measured the amount I put in and found that, when on the centre stand, the 3 litres required brings the level to the maximum mark on the dipstick when it’s just inserted in the tube. Not pushed right home – just the same as on my Fiat!


This is what you usually get and is the one on Rhino.


Talk to you again soon!


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