The clutch again! – 30 Apr 2015.

I’ve finished playing about with the V7 loopframe for now and can finally get back to work on Rhino the V7Sport. Progress has been delayed by my broken wrist, the purchase of The-Big-Red-One and the subsequent work needed to get it ready to use. You may remember that someone spotted that I appeared to have put the clutch plates in back to front! It looked that way to me too so it all had to come apart. The bike went from this


to this


surprisingly quickly.

Lo and behold. The clutch plates were wrong.


This flush side of the friction plates should be facing forward toward the engine. The raised side should be facing toward the gearbox. Here it is after being corrected. The daft thing is that I always new this but still did it wrong.


I reassembled the bike to the stage I was at before and can now look forward to making some proper progress, I hope.


2 thoughts on “The clutch again! – 30 Apr 2015.

  1. I want to know how you align the springs to the front pressure plate without laying the engine down on it’s face, and how do align the intermediate plate as you torque the clutch pack down? Seems like the teeth are hanging up on the flywheel and can’t get it to align as I tighten it up :-/.

    1. Hi Bob. I’ve shown how I fitted the clutch (with the flippin’ plates the wrong way around!) here – If a clutch spring is loose and won’t stay put in the flywheel so I can I fit the pressure plate, I nip the end of it in the vice very slightly to distort it so it won’t fall out. Align the pressure plate by lining up the hollow in one of the teeth with the arrow for TDC on the flywheel rim. Then use a tool (threaded rod, clutch centre from gearbox and heavy washers, if like me you haven’t got the proper tool) to compress the springs and wind in the plate. The driven plates and their intermediate plate can then go in over the clutch boss/centre hub and will be aligned properly. Fit the ring gear and remove the tool. Hope this helps. Contact me again if you are stuck or I’ve misunderstood what you’re asking. Both the spring pressure plate and intermediate plate need to be flat without any dishing.

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