Clocks Forward Rally – 27 to 29 Mar 2015.

I attended the MGCGB Clocks Forward Rally for the first time this year. It was held at The Drum and Monkey near Upton-upon-Severn. Here I am loaded up ready for the off.


There was a pretty good turnout. I didn’t count the number of bikes there but reckon there were 50 to 60. I went on The-Big-Red-One and had a great time. I always enjoy meeting up with Guzzi folks. It was nice to catch up with old friends and to make some new ones. Guy, Kate and Dave had brought their loopframe Guzzis so a photo line up was called for.




The weather was “variable”. Although the ride there through Wales was made under threatening skies it didn’t rain and it brightened up as I neared the site. There was a little rain early on the Saturday but I explored Upton with a few others during the day. Overnight the weather deteriorated and it became very windy and then turned to heavy rain. Although I slept badly, my tent was still standing in the morning and I was warm and dry, which was an improvement over some camps in the past.

I rode most of the way home in the company of Heinz on his Guzzi Quota. It was still windy and gusty enough to throw our heavy bikes off line but the journey home was otherwise incident free. The run of about 200Km each way underlined that the bike needs a good tune up. The carbs are not anywhere near synchonised now that the throttle cables have settled down. I also need to look at the tail light as Heinz says it’s dim while the brake light is good. I could just need a new bulb. We’ll see. I also found that, once my right wrist/hand has got tired, I struggle to work the winker switch. I’ll most likely have to fit a more modern set of switches incorporating the winkers on the left. Originality will be compromised but I need to be able to ride safely and the dip/main switch isn’t quite right anyway.

First there will be cleaning to do. Tent, bike and leathers are all muddy.


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