A reserve for the V7 – 24 Jan 2015.

First a bit of an update. I’m still not riding but that time is getting close. For now, I’m going to concentrate on getting the loopframe V7 ready for use. Once I’m mobile I’ll get back to work on Rhino. I’ve found that, although I can’t turn the V7 700 throttle properly because I have been left with restricted wrist movement, I can get about 80 degrees. Although that’s not expected to improve, it still means I will be able to turn a “quicker” throttle. The one on the V7 is “slow” and takes about 120 degrees to open fully. I won’t need a racing throttle, just something a bit more manageable. It’s a relief, as I thought I was going to have to convert my bikes to thumb throttles.

Adding a reserve to the fuel tank.

Since getting the V7 700 I’ve found that there is no reserve setting on the fuel taps. They are both off-on-off. It is possible to buy a replacement tap with on-off-reserve but, I decided to add a reserve capacity by adding a stand pipe to one of the taps so that becomes the main one and the unaltered tap becomes the reserve. I had a damaged sport tap which donated the necessary piece of pipe. The only problem with this is that I can no longer use the in-tank fuel filter. I could just rely on the filter at the carb inlet but I’ll add an in-line filter. My main tap will be on the left with reserve on the right. I would have liked this the other way around so I don’t have to take my hand off the throttle to switch to reserve. However, I just couldn’t get the right hand tap off to alter it! At some point I’ll have to run the bike onto reserve then out of fuel completely to see how far the reserve takes me.

Here’s the tap before with the filter unscrewed.


And here with the piece of pipe fitted. I might try to get a bit of 5mm metal pipe to replace the plastic if I can find something.


Fuel filler cap.

When I drained the fuel from the tank it came out but very slowly. When I took the fuel cap off the flow was more how I would have expected. Looking at the fuel cap, I can’t see any breather holes.

The bike has a cap like this.



I can just make out 2 little holes toward the outside of the cap which would be outside the seal, especially if it were a bit smaller. However, there’s no hole in the central section to allow the air to reach those outer holes. Something will have to be done. Probably just a small hole in the middle.