Flippin’ ‘eck! – 12 Dec 2014.

I’ve been contacted by a reader who said “I was looking at parts of your blog and noticed that on your V7 Sport pics that the clutch friction plates look to be in the wrong way round”. So I looked at the photos here on the blog and those I’ve not posted and he’s right. What was I doing? Clutch plates have a flat side and one where the central boss sticks out. That side should face the gearbox. I’ve got the flat side facing back. This means that, when my arm’s better, things will have to be dismantled so that the gearbox can come off and the plates be swapped round. Anyway, it’s better to find out now than when it’s all complete and the clutch won’t work.


This is wrong!

(I’ll put a warning on the original post).


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