Vigili del Fuoco? – 20 Oct 2014.

I know it’s dangerous but, I’ve been thinking.

Why would someone buy an ex-Carabinieri bike, strip it completely, then paint every part which was blue (including some very small parts like the stop light switch) bright fire-engine red? Could it be that it always was fire-engine red. Like this?

This is a photo of a firefighter on a V7. Other photos show firefighters in the same group on Guzzi Nuovo Falcones.

Carabinieri or Vigili del Fuoco both might be shown as “Motociclo proveniente dal minister dell’interno dispaccio” when sold on.

The 1971 parts book for the V7 shows how to order bits for bikes sold to Italian government agencies. There are specific part numbers for Grey – military(?), blue – Carabinieri and olive green – Polizia Stradale. Then there is a column of part numbers for “other public entities” asking you to specify the colour.

It’s just a suggestion but…


2 thoughts on “Vigili del Fuoco? – 20 Oct 2014.

    1. I’ve got a copy of the Italian log book and I know the reg number, AP 66909, but this book only goes back to 1986 when the bike appears to have been released from govt service. I assume it had a different number before then.

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