A new Guzzi friend for Rhino – 15 Oct 2014.

Well my arm is still in a cast but that hasn’t put me off old Moto Guzzis. With the S3 badly damaged in the accident and still to be returned by the insurance company I did what any old Guzzi nut would do and started surfing the net looking for more. I couldn’t do much else anyway! I have always fancied an old “loopframe” Guzzi and I came across one for sale. This is one of the photos from the advert.


Correspondence and phone calls ensued, the deal was struck, and last week my friend, Bunny, took me to fetch it on his trailer.

The bike is a 1972 V7 700cc model. I’ve had the year confirmed by the machine dating officer of the Moto Guzzi Club GB. Although the civilian model was sold for only a few years prior to 750 and 850cc models being introduced, the original 700 continued to be supplied to the Italian military and police forces.

I think my V7 was released from government service in 1986 and was then painted the bright red it is now. I think it is ex Carabinieri as there is some evidence of blue paint in the odd place. The Italian documents just say “Motociclo proveniente dal Ministero dell’Interno dispaccio 1l.4/4824 del 30/04/86”. I guess (using google translate as my friend) this means it was disposed of by the ministry of the Interior on 30/04/86. My understanding is that the Carabinieri come under that ministry. If anyone can explain things better please get in touch.

The bike seems in generally good condition and the speedometer says it has done about 43,000 Km which is not much. It has gained a dual seat and pillion footrests at some stage. It would have had a single seat and a rack/mounting for a radio. I have already started making a list of things to look at but I don’t intend to do more than I need to, for now, to keep it well maintained and usable. So far the list is nothing much;

  • Check to see if it’s still on the original chromed cylinder bores. Likely it is.
  • Re-glue the edge of the seat cover to the frame.
  • Change the headlamp for UK roads. Currently part of the lense is masked off.
  • Add some MPH markings to the speedo.
  • Pin-striping is missing and the decals are wrong. I’m not sure if I care.
  • The oil pressure light doesn’t work.
  • It has plastic winkers and the chrome paint has come off. The rubber stalks are a bit perished.

This is the only photo I’ve been able to take since bringing the bike home.


I can’t get far enough away in the garage and I can’t take it outside down the slope while I have an arm in plaster. The other arm’s not that good either! As I say, if any one can help me find out anything about the bikes’ history, speak up. I know it’s last Italian registration number (AP 66909) but it would likely have only gained this on leaving government service which may have been in another part of the country.


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