Too much excitement – 22 Sep 2014.

In my last post I was getting the S3 ready for my annual trip to the MGCGB V-twin Rally in Fordingbridge. I enjoyed this as always and much time was spent talking Guzzis with old and new friends. The bike behaved impeccably and the only downside was having to pack up in the rain then riding all the way home in some truly awful wet weather. Two fellow members of  MGCGB have agreed to me using photos they took of me and the bike. The importance of these will soon become clear.

Keith took this photo of yours truly on Rhino’s friend during the parade around Fordingbridge town on the Saturday.


This is a rather nice photo of the bike by my tent on the rally field. It was taken by Roy and posted on his excellent blog.


The problem came just two weeks later. It was warm and fine so I took a Sunday morning run down to the little harbour at Parog, Newport, Pembs as I do from time to time for coffee and a slice of cake. On the way home a car pulled out in front of me from a side turning with fairly predictable results. Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance all attended and the road was partially blocked for a while. I broke my arm badly and during the following week had two operations on it when I gained some reinforcing metalwork. My other wrist took a bash as well so both hands were swollen badly for a while. Other than that, I’m generally scuffed and bruised and my chest hurts.

On the day there had been a lot of classic cars about for some sort of run. The car I hit was a Ford Escort RS2000 which is a shame as I like all sorts of classic machinery. Needless to say, the accident was not my fault but I’ve yet to hear the insurers view of the damage to the bike or what payments will be made, although I think pretty much everything from the steering head forward is bent. My insurance guarantees return of the salvage in the event of a total loss which I most likely will take up. Tonti framed Guzzis are phenomenally strong and this should only be a near death experience for Rhino’s friend.

The other down side is that I can’t get back to work on Rhino my V7Sport. That bike is sat on the bench waiting for my attention. I’ll write a little update about that later today hopefully but it’s hard work typing at the moment.



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