Racing Rhino update – 22 Sep 2014.

I’ve been saying for a while that there would be more progress soon but there’s been nothing to show for it.

Well, now I’m bashed about after the recent crash while riding Rhino’s friend, there’s going to be even more of a delay. I’m due back at the hospital in a couple of days to have stitches out. Then I’ll be plastered again for 4 more weeks. So here’s a round up of what’s happened recently.

The replica frame plates arrived and I got one engraved. The plate looks good but I’ve not been able to exactly replicate the engraving.


I got some special hammer drive rivet things to fit the plate as per original. looks good. Plates were produced for me by Tony at Vintags UK. He will have few frame plates left over,if someone else needs one, and the artwork is done if any more need to be produced.


I decided to deviate from standard and fitted some K & N air filters as recommended in Guzziology (R-0642 provides the pair).


These fit well and I am told they don’t restrict air flow so hopefully jetting will be ok. Time will tell.

The chroming came back. It took a while as the platers weren’t happy with a couple of bits and re-did them. Finish is excellent and they managed to get the deep scratches out of the headlamp rim which is pretty thin metal to start with. Work was done by Quality Chrome of Hull.


You can see that I’ve managed to get the grills back on the horns. I used M3 button head allen screws, nuts and washers. In the top right of the photo are all the brake shoe pivots. Some of these used to stick where the chrome had flaked.

I have redone the wrinkle finish paint on the fork yokes and headlamp brackets. I love using this stuff. I built a booth to spray paint in.


and then the parts had to be cured in the oven.


I think that’s it for now.


3 thoughts on “Racing Rhino update – 22 Sep 2014.

  1. Hello, I like your blog and I’m following it. i think you could like mine too, It’s about motorbike culture and lifestyle. ( guzzi V7 too..I live at 45 minutes ride from Mandello) Follow it! 🙂 the marquis

    1. Enjoyed reading your blog. I’ve just bought a Guzzi V7 700cc which is probably ex Carabinieri, although it’s now bright red. I’ll write something about it soon.

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