Not much ‘appenin’ – 12 Aug 2014.

It’s a month since my last post but there’s been no progress. Been ill, done more house DIY, and had a weeks holiday. Now I’m back, another year older, and doing more DIY. Excuses, excuses…

Off the top of my head, here’s a list of the main things still to be done;

  • Paint the fork yokes and headlamp mounts in wrinkle finish paint.
  • Fit the front forks.
  • Clean up the wheels and and make a decision about tyres.
  • Fit the wheels and brakes
  • Fit the exhaust system.
  • Sort out a seat. The original is on the S3.
  • Repair the speedometer.
  • Electrics – complete rewire.
  • Fuel lines and breathers.

And a host of other little jobs before I can fill it with fluids and tune it. Should keep me busy for a while but there’s still more DIY to do before the V-twin rally (22nd to 25th August) and the S3 needs a service before I go.


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