Some progress and two lucky finds – 4 Jun 2014.

Well it’s only been a few days and I’m back already.

I’ve returned that “wrong” ignition switch and been refunded my money. Almost straight away another, but correct, ignition switch appeared on eBay in Germany. This time I can see it’s right. I bid and got it but I won’t say how much I paid. Suffice to say it was a lot but I count that as the first lucky find. Another rare item appeared as well. A brand new V7Sport speedo. Luckily I’m alright for one of those as that sold for over £325.

I was out in the workshop looking for something and came across a pot marked “V7Sport coil wires”. Inside was a set of wires for the contact breakers complete with the blocks that were missing when I fitted the distributor. Lucky find number two but a bit embarrassing as I’d got people hunting for some.

Today I’ve been fitting the frame to the engine/gearbox. You first have to fit the bottom frame rails and centre stand. The stand can be a bit of a fight. I bolted the lower frame rails on loosely with the front and rear engine mounting bolts then fitted the stand mounting brackets with their various spacers then the centre stand. Fitting the stand return springs is tough. I stand a spring in the vice and bend it from side to side fitting washers between the coils to stretch it. It takes a lot of washers but works. First spring fitted.


Pull the washers out using long nosed pliers and a little screwdriver then do the other one.

Here are the bottom frame rails and centre stand fitted.


I was on a roll now so with the help of the Mrs the main frame was lowered into place and the front bolt with the bracket for the useless side stand was popped in. The back part of the frame is fastened to the lower rails using allen bolts through the footrest brackets. Next the plate is fitted between the gearbox and the frame. This is what the battery stands on.




When fitting that “battery plate” there is a place to trap the end of the battery securing strap. However, I’m likely to use a more modern type of battery and will need to make some other arrangement to hold it. I was using an Odyssey battery prior to the crash and this is now in the S3. I didn’t buy the biggest to fit in the space but a smaller one which I think is supposed to go in a jet ski. I got it in 2001 and it’s spent long periods idle but never given any trouble thus far and always started the bike even after 3 months standing.

That’s where I’m at now. I have the old frame plate but it’s damaged from having a fairing bracket clamped over it many years ago. I’ve never had any trouble with it not being fitted as the frame number is also stamped on the steering head tube. In fact the S3 hasn’t got a frame plate either. The one for Rhino is like this.


There are plenty of repro frame plates for Guzzis for sale on the web but none like this. I’ll try one of the firms that advertise printing on metal to get a couple made. Then I should be able to get one engraved at one of those shops that does trophies and the like.


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